Embassies & Diplomatic Missions

Monarc was called the “Embassy Expert in Washington” by Construction Today Magazine in 2008. As Monarc’s principal noted, “Monarc works in over 30 countries every year but never leaves Washington.”

Monarc’s expertise in working for Embassies and Diplomatic Missions began with one of its first projects in 1988. Monarc built the addition to and renovation of the Swedish Embassy Residence at 3900 Nebraska Ave, in partnership with a then little-known Swedish Firm called Skanska.

Monarc has worked for the Swedish National Property Board and the Swedish Embassy in Washington since 1988. Most recently, in 2007, Monarc completed the construction of the New Swedish Embassy on the Potomac River known as the “House of Sweden”.

Monarc’s skill and dedication to working with Foreign Embassies through its open and trust-establishing business practices has led to Embassies referring Monarc to other Embassies, and so the “Embassy Expert” name has continued to grow.

A considerable number of Embassy projects have been constructed by Monarc through the negotiated, open book methods of construction, wherein Monarc establishes a project program and a budget and works with the local Embassy staff and the Government of the country, normally in their capital city. This open book, professionally managed process establishes an understanding of trust and reliability while undertaking a major construction project in a foreign country.

As with most Embassies, the management staff rotate every 2-4 years, and the dependence on Monarc established during construction continues to develop as the Embassy's organization changes. Yet the Monarc team remains the same reliable, local resource.

Our diplomatic projects include embassies, chanceries and residences from: