Monarc’s Intern Program started in 1993 when a student from Coventry University in the UK turned up at Monarc’s office during the Easter Break and asked if he could work for us during the summer.

Monarc took on this first student, who proved to be a great asset, and from that single experience, Monarc has continued to offer domestic and foreign students with the opportunity to learn and expand their construction and industrial knowledge.

The major source of student interns is Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. Here the College Professor David Pearce was trained with Monarc’s President John Bellingham through an industrial Training Scheme run by George Wimpey, one of the world’s largest contractors.

Monarc recognizes that the need for education and well-trained staff are requirements to operate and run a successful construction company.

Through its contacts with LEEDS University and other international universities, Monarc helps place students for 12 to 18 months with local construction companies. These firms include Sigal Construction, Tompkins Builders and McCollough Construction. Monarc now employs recent graduates from Clemson University, East Michigan University and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

The need for practical training in the construction industry is one of the industry’s biggest challenges, and through its Intern Program, Monarc Construction is doing its part to improve the industry.