Woodley House:  Fairfax Station, VA


Owner: Gary and Amy Perlin
Architect: James Cummings, AIA

Monarc's ability to organize craftsmanship with materials offered a one of kind custom home located in a prestigious area of Fairfax County, VA.  Situated in a 5 acre wooded lot, the 18,000 sf house is technically considered a renovation. The original house was completely removed with only the existing foundation and finished basement retained.  The new 16,000 sf addition was built around the finished basement with direction from the Owner that the basement be completely protected during the renovation. The exterior was composed using a myriad materials; including caststone, stucco, copper, slate, and a green roof.

Awards:  *ABC Award of Excellence

Delegation of the Commission of the European Ambassador's Residence:  Washington, DC


Owner: Delegation of the European Commission
Architect: Kvell Corcoran Architects

A Washington landmark built in 1925, this historic house is currently residence for the Ambassador for the Delegation of the European Commission.  Renovation included the addition of a new penthouse with an underground garage, expansion of living areas, upgrading of all utilities and construction of a full commercial kitchen.

Swedish Ambassador's Residence:  Washington, DC


Owner: Embassy of Sweden/Swedish National Property Board
Architect: O'Neil & Manion


Originally built in the 1920's, Monarc has completed several phases of renovations to this residence throughout the years.  As one of Monarc's oldest clients, Monarc continues to upgrade and maintain the property annually.