"House of Sweden" (Embassy of Sweden)


Owner: Embassy of Sweden
Architect: Windgardh Arkitekontor/VOA


Located next to Washington Harbor in Georgetown, luxury apartments occupy the 4th and 5th floors of the House of Sweden with extensive views of the Potomac River and Theodore Roosevelt Island.  Work and public spaces on the first three floors, along with the 19 apartments on the upper floors (ranging from 800 SF single bedroom to 2,500 SF two bedroom units) are composed using solid Canadian maple for the floor, cabinet and door finishes.

Awards: *The American Architecture Award
              *WBC Craftsmanship Award for Drywall

Embassy of New Zealand


Owner: Embassy of New Zealand
Architect: DHC Architects, Inc.


Understanding the importance of first impressions, Monarc was challenged with the renovation to update the of main entrance, lobby and library.  By incorporating imported stone, fine millwork and high impact resistant glass, the Embassy was able to renew its presence on Observatory Circle while satisfying ADA and security upgrades.

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania


Owner: Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania
Architect: TPG Architecture, LLP

The existing 5-story mansion on 16th Street went through extensive renovations; including historic restorations of the façades, grand staircase and interiors.  Connected at the rear of the existing building, a new 5-story addition was constructed, doubling the space requirements for the Embassy.  With the landscaping and site work completed, the total renovation allowed for new parking facilities, driveways, walkways and outside gathering areas.

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia


Owner: Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
Architect: Powe Jones Architects, P.C.

Acting as the construction manager as well as the general contractor , Monarc converted the old 4-story Yugoslavian Embassy building into the present day Slovenian Embassy and Ambassador's Residence.  With only the shell and structure of the existing building remaining, all MEP and finishes were redone to meet modern day codes and requirements.

Awards:  *ABC Award of Excellence

Embassy of United Arab Emirates:  Ambassador's Office & Conference Room


Owner: United Arab Emirates
Architect: Thomas Pheasant

Performed on a fast track schedule, this high end interior renovation transformed the dated Ambassador's office and conference rooms while reusing architectural elements from the existing building.

Awards:  *ABC Award of Excellence